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    Default Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO ANDROID

    Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

    Endomondo is the highest rated app of its kind on Android and ideal for running, cycling, walking and any other distance-based activity.
    Join 8.6 million users and start freeing your endorphins!
    This is the PRO version of the popular Endomondo Sports Tracker!
    Please see What's New on Google Play for latest changes.

    PRO Features:

    Interval programs: Choose from three programs or create your own and let the audio coach guide you
    Graphs: View graphs with your lap times, heart rate, speed and altitude throughout the workout
    Beat yourself: Set a previous workout as your goal and the audio coach will help you perform better this time
    Low power mode: Increase the battery standby time by using this feature for long workouts
    Time goal: Choose a duration for your workout and the audio coach will help you reach the time goal
    Calorie goal: Set a calorie goal for your workout and the audio coach will guide you

    What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 20, 2014)

    Create Challenges: Create new challenges and invite your friends
    Jabra Sport Pulse: Wireless headset and HR monitor support listen to music, track your heart rate and control the app through the headset
    Pebble: Control the app and view your workout data while tracking
    Note: Newsfeed and Friends are now combined under Friends
    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Google play

    Download link

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    ane kurang mengerti.... ini maksudnya apa?


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